Types of SSL Certificates & What is SSL Certificate

types of ssl certificates
types of ssl certificates
types of ssl certificates

SSL Full form is (Secure Socket Layer), and today in this article we will learn how many types of SSL.

If you don’t know What is SSL then click on this link here I have describe What is SSL and How it’s work.

In Simple language we can say that SSL create a secure connection between Web Server and Browser.

Types of SSL Certificates

There are multiple kind of SSL, All types of SSL use for different-different  websites.

1- Wildcard SSL Certificate

Wildcard SSL Certificate use to secure multiple number of Sub-Domains created with single Domain. Wildcard SSL comes with Organization Validation.

Wildcard SSL is for that who have multiple number of Sub-Domain with his main websites. 

2- Multi Domain SSL Certificate (SAN)

Multidomain SSL certificate secure multiple domains with single certificate, It’s also known as SAN (Subject Alternative Names). Its comes with secure Upto 100 Domains and Sub-Domains.

Multi Domain SSL comes with Organization Validation, Domain Validation and Extended Validation

What are the types of SSL certificate

3- Domain Validation SSL Certificate (DV)

Domain Validation SSL Certificate validate domains, It’s is used for small websites like blogs, school websites, and it’s provides medium level security.

4- Extended Validation SSL Certificate (EV)

Extended Validation SSL is also known as EV SSL certificate, it is a new kind of SSL. After used this SSL user feels more secure than other because it makes addrees  bar green and show company name. This is Highly Encrypted SSL  Certificate.

5- Organization Validation SSL (OV)

Organization Validation SSL also known as OV SSL Certificate, This OV SSL Certificate is generally used for a Organization or Company. OV SSL Certificate Encrypt website and secure user personal information.

6- Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

If you have multiple Domain and Multiple Sub-Domains then Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate  is for you. It’s Secure near about 250 Domain.

Why SSL Certificates are Important for your Website

There are many people in our country who have confused why we have to use SSL Certificate for our websites,

The main reason to use SSL Certificate in our website is that its keeps our Sensitive and our personal detail secure and it’s keep away hackers from us and our websites.

Some Reason to use SSL Certificate

what are the different types of ssl certificates

Here I will tell you 5 reasons to use SSL Certificate in your website.

1-   The main function of SSL Certificate is secured our website and our customer data.SSL encrypt each and every part of our website.

2 – SSL certificate gives authentication to your website, By SSL your customer trust will increase, if your website Secure then customer will buy products and shop from your website by online payment. Because in After SSL your website all data and Online payment will be encrypted and secure.

3- SSL Certificate improve your website SEO, If your website secure with SSL then your website ranking in Google will increase.

4- SSL Certificate makes strongest protection for online business websites like flipkart, amazon etc..

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