Google domain verification txt record

google domain verification txt record

When we add our website or property in Google Search Console then there we have to update Google site verification TXT record? In our website DNS Management zone. So in this article i will tell you How to Add TXT Record step by step.

After update Google TXT record to my DNS? Google verify our website in Google search Console.

How to add Google site verification TXT record?

Step-1:  First of all we have to login in our hosting control panel.

google site verification txt record

Step-2: In hosting control panel find DNS Management Or DNS Management zone and click on it.

Verify your domain with a TXT record 

Step-3: When DNS Management tab will open then there is a button with name ADD RECORD just clicked on this button.

dns txt record example

Step-4:  Now a popup will open and in this poup just expand Record Type dropdown, from here you can add New  A Record, MX Record, CNAME Record and TXT record, just select TXT Record.

google admin console

Step-5: Now paste the Google TXT Record value in Value Textbox and click on ADD.

add txt record to dns godaddy

Step-6: Now your Google Website verification TXT record added. Now your can verify your property on Google Search Console.

What is TXT Record ?

TXT record is a kind of DNS entry, It contains (Text Record), Its allow us to add any text record related with domain. You can use TXT record multiple time for multiple use. This TXT records can contains information about Domain Hosting or other information.

Add txt record

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