Godaddy promo code [2020]

godaddy domain promo code

What is Godaddy Promo Code ?

Godaddy promo code is a code with the help of promo code we can buy Domain or Hosting at a very low price from Godaddy, read our blog, today I will tell you how you will get Godaddy Promo Code for yourself. You can buy a domain and hosting from Godaddy at a very cheap price.

GoDaddy promo code for 2020

How to Apply Promo code for godaddy

Step-1 Apply Promo code for godaddy is very simple, for applying promo code you have to create godaddy account, after that login in your godaddy account.

Promo code for godaddy

Step-2 After login just search for hosting or domain, in this tutorial i have search domain. Fill the domain name and click on search.

Godaddy promo code india

Step-3 After search domain if domain available then click on Add to cart button.

Promo code godaddy

Step-4 After that just click on Continue to cart .

godaddy domain promo code

Step-5 After that just click on Have a promo code ? select with red border…

promo code for godaddy

Step-6 After that just type promo code godaddy and click on apply.

promo code for godaddy

Setp-7 After that your promo code will apply in your account and your cart will be changed as promo code discount.

promo code for godaddy


  • All Godaddy Promocode only apply only when you pay with Credit Card
  • Godaddy Promocode will only apply once for one use

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