Godaddy domain transfer

how do you transfer a domain from godaddy to another godaddy user

Hello friends today in this article we will learn how to Transfer domain to another GoDaddy account. here I will tell you step by step How  to Transfer Domain From One account fo another godaddy account.

Transfer domain to another GoDaddy account

Step-1: You have to login in your godaddy account

Step-2 : Now Click on my Products button, after click a new page will be open..

Step-3 : Now in your domain list just select that domain wich you want to transfer another godaddy account and click on Manage.

Step-4 : Now another page will be open and in this page scroll page little bottom and in Additional Settings just click on Transfer Domain to another Godaddy account.

Step- 5 : Now another page will open and in this page we have to fill Qwner’s email id and his Godaddy Account Id on which we have to transfer domain .

Note :- If you want to share personal detail related with that domain then select yes. and finaly click on Transfer Domain .

Step-6 : Now this message will be open Your trasfer is in progress, After some time your domaiin will be transfered .

Now when you see in your godaddy product then with trasfered domain Account change pending option will be show.

If you have any query related with Domain Transfer then comment me i will resove your problem.