Godaddy Domain Privacy

Godaddy domain privacy

Before knowing about Godaddy domain privacy first we have to know about..

What is domain privacy?

When you book domain with any registrar then you have to fill your personal detail to book domain like mobile no, email id, address, etc. After domain booked your personal information spread into a public directory.

Whats is Domain privacy

When anyone search your domain name in whois the its show your all personal details it can be risky, it can be used by hackers and spammers.

There are many website on internet by using that you can check domain detail like .

  • Domain Age
  • IP address
  • Server name
  • Registrar Name
  • Registered Email Id

Godaddy Domain Privacy

How to hide your personal detail from domain on whois tools

If you want to hide your personal detail from domain then you have to add domain privacy also during domain booking for that you have to pay yearly, there are many companies you can buy domain privacy during purchage domain .

If we talk about Godaddy Domain Privacy then godaddy charge near about Rs.250 or Rs.300 for domain privacy.

Why Buy Godaddy Domain Privacy

  • Masks your personal details in the public WHOIS Directory
  • Prevents domain-related spam
  • Deters domain hijackers
  • Protects you from stalkers and harassers
  • Includes a private email address that can be forwarded to you, filtered or blocked
  • Prevents accidental loss of domain due to expired credit card
  • Makes most accidental or malicious transfers impossible
  • Protect your domain with automatic scans and continuous security monitoring

Why we have to use Domain Privacy?

There are most important reason to buy godaddy domain privacy to keep away from spammers and hackers.

Domain privacy is like online security guard for your websites, Its automatically scans for malwares and security monitoring to catch new threats.

Lets Know what is whois tools

In Whois directory is a tool from where we can search each and every single domain name who booked from anywhere in world.

Whois directory have all the information about the domains like email, address, mobile no ect….