Change Nameserver Godaddy

change godaddy nameservers

Before we know about How to change Godaddy name server step by step lets know what is  nameserver and how its work.

What Is Nameserver and how its work ?

It is a very common question if you are a website designer or Blogger then it is very necessary to know what is Nameserver and how its work.

As we know that when we can open any website or blog on internet from anywhere and our website run on our browser. For this we have domain and hosting and our domain connected with hosting then our website will run.

First of all when we purchase a domain from any registrar then we have purchase hosting also if we have purchase domain and hosting with same company then we don’t need to change Nameserver,

Otherwise  when we buy domain and hosting from with different company then in that case we have to change name server to connect our domain with hosting.

Suppose I have buy domain from godaddy and buy hosting from silicon house then we have to change name server. In this case domain point to godaddy nameserver before changing nameserver.

With hosting company provide us nameserver, And we have to change nameserver in domain dns setting.

How To Change Name Server Godaddy?

Step-1 : Sign in to your godaddy account anf just click on my products.

Step-2 : Select that domain which you want to change Nameserver and click on DNS.

Step-3: After click DNS another page will open and in this page scroll page little down and there default nameserver will show, And there is a button Using Custom nameserver CHANGE just click on change button.

Step-4 : After Click Change another page will open and in this page, Check I’will use my own nameserver and and there will two text box and fill your nameserver which is provided by your hosting provider and click on save.

After that it will take some time and your nameserver will changed. A E-mail will come from Godaddy on your mail Id (Your Nameserver has been changed).

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