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best hosting for wordpress blog
best hosting for wordpress blog
best hosting for wordpress blog

Hello friends in this time millions of people are coming in the field of Blogging, but they are very confused in choosing hosting, powerful hosting is very important in the field of blogging, if your hosting server speed is very important for blogging. Hosting is the very important factor in blogging field.

Suppose you published a article and your server speed is very slow and when any user visit your website and your website taking long time in opening then the user close your website and open another website.

So this is a negative point for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google understand there is nothing on your website so user close your website and Google decrease your website rating.

So I suggest you to don’t use Normal hosting go with WordPress Hosting.

From Where Buy WordPress Hosting

Here are multiple companies provides WordPress Hosting in very cheap rate but I personally recommend you to go with Godaddy WordPress Hosting, because Godaddy WordPress hosting is very good for bloggers.

Buy Godaddy WordPress Hosting
Godaddy WordPress Hosting

There are multiple reason to buy Godaddy WordPress Hosting.

  • Godaddy WordpPress Hosting Speed is very Good
  • Godaddy Customer Support is Aswome
  • It’s always come with latest version of PHP
  • One Click Migration tool
  • 24*7 Support
  • 99.9 Uptime Promise

Difference  Between Normal Hosting and WordPress Hosting

Many bloggers became confused between normal hosting and WordPress hosting, As we know that on both hosting we can install wordress so why we go with wordpress hosting.

There are already install latest version of wordpress on your WordPress Hosting you have to just log in to your admin area and start creating your website. WordPress Hosting gives us specialized service and support for WordPress Websites.

  • In wordpress hosting your website load faster than normal hosting
  • There are tools to manage your wordpress website like One Click Backup, One Click Migration.
  • Help to maintain your website like Automatic upadate and automatic bakups
  • Make your website more secure.

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